Booklets and prints

Algemene mededelingen, booklet (2022)

Google Image Search Me, booklet (2022)

1Y08 Image report, booklet (2022)

Across The Lake, zine, collaboration with Bouwe Brouwer (2022)

1Y09 Image report, booklet (2022)

1Y12-2, handmade booklet (2022)

6M20-1, handmade booklet (2022)

1S21, booklet (2021)

6S20, booklet (2021)

1Y12-1, handmade booklet (2021)

4S20-2, handmade booklet (2020)

Omaha Beach, Jersey, Guernsey, Home, booklet (2019)

Follow Directions, booklet (2019)

We Have The Best Tourists In The World, poster (2019)

Acme Photo Club, poster (2019)

De Vangst, booklet (2018)

Tiergarten Cyclist, print (2018)

In Flames, print (2018)

Couch in U-Bahn, print (2018)