Santa in the polder

I drive around.

The idea is I get out when I see something I like, and make some pictures.

It is astonishing that wherever I step out of the car, there are always (always!) other things that are worth looking at.

(I am thinking about a little project in which I pick random GPS coordinates to take pictues from. I feel this driving around for an idyllic shot is quote pointless. It may be even counter-productive: I am sure I pick the usual idyllic places, adding to an abundance of similar looking images.)

This time I got out of the car to make a shot of the snow-covered polder of the Beemster. I opened the door and stared into the face of this Santa, cut from the stump of a felled tree. 

Makes you wonder what the story is behind this piece of art. First there was the tree that must but cut down (was is sick, in the way, cracked by some storm, …?). Then there was someone that cut a human face in the remaining stump. And someone that decided he looked like Santa, and put this red cap on his head. And fixed the cap with some staples. Did he bring the stapler to the place as part of a plan? We are really in the middle of nowhere here. The closest farm is a kilometer away.

Then it started snowing. And Santa felt home.


A very cold and windy afternoon. Climbed over the dike at Schardam and unexpectedly found this icy phenomenon.

Winter’s glow

After I parked the car and walked up to the water, the only thought I had was: how do I get this in the picture?!

The sun’s glow was diffuse and not this typical very bright winter light. The reflection on the ice of the water similarly diffused.

Red White Blue

The guys hanging out of the window of the van looked puzzled when they saw me take this picture.



Sensitive area

It is not even such a very bright day.

Some clouds in the sky, some blue. It’s windy and cold, but they are dressed to the occasion.

They love spotting birds, enjoying a day at the beach. Patiently they look through their binoculars.

They have brought coffee and sandwiches in the bags standing next to their folding chairs.

A few meters behind them a sign telling them they are not allowed to enter this sensitive area.

Geen toegang. No entry.

Red, Pumpkins

Analog is hip. Film is cool. I brought out my old Canon AT-1 and put in some Agfa Vista 400. The first shots got lost due to my fooling around with the almost empty battery of the camera. Some flare, but that red!

After getting a new battery and some practice operating the camera things improved.


A couple of days ago I took the challenge to make some interesting images in the grey boringness of the misty polder landscape.



Cloud over the polder landscape. Can’t get much more typically Lowlandisch. Just drive out into the Beemster on such a sunny day and you can make dozens of these images. If you look around. You may drive into a windwill or two, or a fortress from the Dutch Waterlinie, or whatever that is to be called in english (too lazy to look it up), a beautiful ridiculously straight canal, or tulip fields that drive the cameras of the Japanese an Chinese tourists red hot. I’ll share a few images of these things later.

It was the structure of the food silo that made me stop, and looking for the picture noticed the blue of the sky and scattered clouds, the concrete path stained with clay, and dung it seems. The church tower in the distance.


I had to fiddle a bit to get the image as symmetric as possible.

The farmer on the other side of the road shook his head as he was mounting his tractor.