Santa in the polder

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I drive around.

The idea is I get out when I see something I like, and make some pictures.

It is astonishing that wherever I step out of the car, there are always (always!) other things that are worth looking at.

(I am thinking about a little project in which I pick random GPS coordinates to take pictues from. I feel this driving around for an idyllic shot is quote pointless. It may be even counter-productive: I am sure I pick the usual idyllic places, adding to an abundance of similar looking images.)

This time I got out of the car to make a shot of the snow-covered polder of the Beemster. I opened the door and stared into the face of this Santa, cut from the stump of a felled tree. 

Makes you wonder what the story is behind this piece of art. First there was the tree that must but cut down (was is sick, in the way, cracked by some storm, …?). Then there was someone that cut a human face in the remaining stump. And someone that decided he looked like Santa, and put this red cap on his head. And fixed the cap with some staples. Did he bring the stapler to the place as part of a plan? We are really in the middle of nowhere here. The closest farm is a kilometer away.

Then it started snowing. And Santa felt home.

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