Photo blog

The last couple of months I have been going through my archive to create retrospectivily a photo blog on this site.

For every day that I photographed, I will create a blog entry for that date with at least one of the pictures taken on that day.

It’s in this stream. I aim to go back as far as possible, to 2003 or 2004 when I started to photograph digitally and will probably end up digging up analog pictures I took in the 80s, and for now I hope to continue til the end.

I expect Instagram will be abandoned by photographers, Flickr already died for me – though I do understand and appreciate their approach, it is not for me anymore, Tumblr may rise again but it’s currently in s state of flux. I don’t what other online media will persist, except web sites. Hence.

It’s quite a task. I am up to date between last month and August 2020.

I will add a random posts option, so you don’t have to scroll back, for the people that don’t like that.