Cloud over the polder landscape. Can’t get much more typically Lowlandisch. Just drive out into the Beemster on such a sunny day and you can make dozens of these images. If you look around. You may drive into a windwill or two, or a fortress from the Dutch Waterlinie, or whatever that is to be called in english (too lazy to look it up), a beautiful ridiculously straight canal, or tulip fields that drive the cameras of the Japanese an Chinese tourists red hot. I’ll share a few images of these things later.

It was the structure of the food silo that made me stop, and looking for the picture noticed the blue of the sky and scattered clouds, the concrete path stained with clay, and dung it seems. The church tower in the distance.


I had to fiddle a bit to get the image as symmetric as possible.

The farmer on the other side of the road shook his head as he was mounting his tractor.

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