Sugar beet

In January this year, one afternoon I drove through the fields between Krommenie and Beverwijk. The carcass-like paleness and forms of this sinister heap of sugar beets made me stop and take a picture.




Bodnant girl

We visited Bodnant Garden last summer. Beautiful place.

Walking through the botanical garden, I met this lady who was getting one with the forest, and took a few pictures. She was very much to herself but posed in very natural ways.



In the garden itself an orange and pink flower symphony.


My green Christenberry

Green Barn

Yes it’s a Christenberry. I liked the building when I saw it and yes it reminded me of William Christenberry. Check him out on google if you don’t know him yet. He is famous for his images of barns, taken across the US. …

The picture that got me Explored

I was pleasantly surprised this picture got Flickr Explored.

Hondsbossche zeewering
Hondsbossche zeewering

Note 15 June 2015. I was pretty excited at the time of this first Explore. In the mean time I have had another couple of images explored. I does not seem to be so special as I had thought at the time of writing this post.

By the way – do get your email settings right in your Flickr account, because your inbox will explode if you do not.

My D5 lost its mirror, and survived

I had expected this might have been one of the last shots I made with my (second hand) Canon D5 (mark none).

Koog aan de Zaan

Later that I was playing at home with the burst mode of the old camera, and suddenly it jammed. Inspecting the camera I found the mirror had fallen off. Although I found this seems to be a known flaw of some Canon 5D releases, given the age of the camera (2005/2006), I had expected this to be the end of the camera.

Took the camera to Cameraland and they sent it to Canon, where it was fixed. For free! Replaced the entire mirror house (not sure what that means).



Yes inspired by folks like Saul Leiter I could not deny. But the damp windows of the abris against the early sun in March I found an irresistable view, and I took out my iPhone and made a few shots. Turned out quite nice, in my opinion, with the reddish glow in the middle and the yellow sunshine on the right.


Aperture -> Lightroom

Ok so I bought Lightroom today…

After waiting and waiting, I decided to switch to Lightroom and no longer wait for the new Photos app from Apple.

I got a mail from Apple that I can get access to a beta version of the app. Following the link I found it was delivered with a Beta for OS X with the warning to run this a separate test machine. I was done. Maybe ok for iPhoto users, but I do not like this level of service for people that have paid for a professional package like Aperture.

Furthermore I watched a Scott Kelby show whilst commuting and one of the guys there had reviewed a Beta version. His conclusion was nice for basic users, but miles away from Aperture like functionality.

So besides waiting for an official delivery of the GA version, I probably also have to wait for advanced functionality for even longer. That did it for me and I surrendered to Adobe. I did not purchase the CC edition, I do not like renting software.

Stern landscape

Cloud over the polder landscape. Can’t get much more typically Lowlandisch. Just drive out into the Beemster on such a sunny day and you can make dozens of these images. If you look around. You may drive into a windwill or two, or a fortress from the Dutch Waterlinie, or whatever that is to be called in english (too lazy to look it up), a beautiful ridiculously straight canal, or tulip fields that drive the cameras of the Japanese an Chinese tourists red hot. I’ll share a few images of these things later.

It was the structure of the food silo that made me stop, and looking for the picture noticed the blue of the sky and scattered clouds, the concrete path stained with clay, and dung it seems. The church tower in the distance.


I had to fiddle a bit to get the image as symmetric as possible.

The farmer on the other side of the road shook his head as he was mounting his tractor.

Than I had it: stern landscape.