Aperture -> Lightroom

Ok so I bought Lightroom today…

After waiting and waiting, I decided to switch to Lightroom and no longer wait for the new Photos app from Apple.

I got a mail from Apple that I can get access to a beta version of the app. Following the link I found it was delivered with a Beta for OS X with the warning to run this a separate test machine. I was done. Maybe ok for iPhoto users, but I do not like this level of service for people that have paid for a professional package like Aperture.

Furthermore I watched a Scott Kelby show whilst commuting and one of the guys there had reviewed a Beta version. His conclusion was nice for basic users, but miles away from Aperture like functionality.

So besides waiting for an official delivery of the GA version, I probably also have to wait for advanced functionality for even longer. That did it for me and I surrendered to Adobe. I did not purchase the CC edition, I do not like renting software.

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